Board of Directors

Board of Directors
Jessica Scharp, President
Rachel Vasquez, Vice President
Kevin Marshall, Assistant Treasurer
Amanda Mikula,  Secretary
Jill Vasquez, Treasurer
Kim Gorley, Assistant Secretary
Jackie Gielczyk, General Member

About our board of directors:

Jessica Scharp, President
Jessica currently resides in Manistee, and works at West Shore Medical Center Radiology department.
WHY I AM A PART OF SOC FUND: I was personally diagnosed with breast cancer 3 & 1/2 years ago and it changed my outlook on life forever.  I had such great care from the doctors and nurses at our local cancer center, I vowed that after my treatment was finished, I would find a way to give back.  I took a 9 month leave of absence from work during my treatment, and although I was not financially devastated, I witnessed the financial burden that a cancer diagnosis can bear.  So now, we fundraise year around to assist patients financially and help alleviate that burden on patients that live right here in our communities.
WHAT I LIKE: It is a very rewarding and humbling experience to be able to help local cancer patients financially and often emotionally.  Since the creation of our own non-profit organization, the SOC Fund, we have given assistance to almost 20 individuals.  We receive thank you cards and often hear feedback from patients and family members of patients on how we have impacted their lives.


Rachel Vasquez, Vice President
I live in Manistee with my husband and his two sons.  I have been in the medical field for 18 years.  I’ve been employed at Western Michigan ENT for 17 of those years and work in both the Manistee and Ludington offices.
WHY I AM A PART OF SOC FUND: Over the years I have assisted in the medical treatment of many amazing skin cancer & head and neck cancer patients.  I’ve seen the financial needs of many of these patients that don’t have medical insurance to cover treatment, medications or even the funds to drive to the cancer treatment centers. My deep commitment to the SOC Fund is not only inspired by my patients but also by my nephew Noah, who was diagnosed at 8 months old with brain cancer, my friends and fellow board members Jessica Scharp and Kevin Marshall who are also cancer survivors.
WHAT I LIKE: I’m thrilled to be part of an organization that can assist our family, friends and neighbors of all different ages, backgrounds and life stories.
The SOC Fund has made it this far only because of community contributions and support.  Being able to assist   cancer patients in need is rewarding enough but having the backing of the community hospitals, residents, and businesses makes me realize just how many believe in this organization and the need of the SOC Fund.
It is all of this that gives me the incentive and the drive to continue putting in all the hard work and time to make this organization successful.


Kevin Marshall, Assistant Treasurer
I was born, raised and currently live in Manistee, MI with my wife, Dursa and our daughter Peyton. Currently, I am employed with AT&T as a Wireless Technician maintaining cellular equipment.
WHY I AM A PART OF SOC FUND: I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 21 while serving in the United States Air Force. I had to have surgery and six weeks of radiation and have been cancer free since 1998. In addition to my own experience, I have lost my mother, uncle and grandmother to cancer. My hope is that the SOC Fund can help those facing their own battle with cancer and will allow them to focus on beating this disease; that they know they are not alone in their struggle.
WHAT I LIKE: Working with people and businesses in the community is very rewarding. So many people have been generous with their time and money to help make the SOC Fund successful. I'm happy that I can contribute to the SOC Fund and be a part of a charitable organization helping local cancer patients.


Amanda Mikula, Secretary
Amanda currently resides in Manistee, and works as a registered nurse for West Shore Medical Center.
WHY I AM A PART OF SOC FUND: I am involved because of how prevalent and devastating the diagnosis of cancer is.  I have watched family, friends, community members, and patients battle this disease.  It is not something people anticipate will happen to them or their family and most are not prepared for the financial burden it brings. In a time where individuals should be focused on their health, they should not be worrying about having enough gas to get to their treatments, or not being able to make their mortgage for the month.  Knowing that our organization can help to lessen these types of worries is a huge reason why I am involved.
WHAT I LIKE: I really enjoy seeing the communities of Manistee and Mason Counties come together to support this cause.  The generosity of individuals and local businesses is so impressive.   Although unfortunate circumstances bring about the need for assistance, it is rewarding to know that what we are doing is making a difference in the lives of our family, friends, and neighbors.


Jill Vasquez, Treasurer
Jill was born & raised in Manistee. She is a graduate of Central Michigan University (Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major: Human Resource Management, Minor: Accounting). She is the Human Resources Manager at Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital in Mason County. Jill is married to Roger with 2 children; Olivia (8 years old) and Noah (6 years old).
WHY I AM A PART OF SOC FUND: Cancer has taken the lives of several of my uncles as well as 2 of my grandparents.  It was not until my son was 8 months old and diagnosed with brain cancer, that the reality of cancer truly hit home for us. Noah is striving as a Survivor and our family is dedicated to assisting those in our local communities who are impacted by and struggling with a cancer diagnosis.
WHAT I LIKE: Being a part of the Stomp Out Cancer Fund is very personal to our family and our hope is to give back to our local community members who are in need.


Kim Gorley, Assistant Secretary
Kim resides in Manistee and is employed by Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital.
WHY I AM A PART OF SOC FUND: Having worked at both West Shore Medical Center and Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital, I've witnessed how many people are affected by cancer in our community. My eyes were truly opened to the affects of cancer when my friend and our SOC Fund President was diagnosed. I had never realized all the traveling one has to endure just to get to treatments, surgeries, and post op appointments.
WHAT I LIKE: It feels good to help people, no matter how little, with a disease that makes family and friends feel so helpless.

Jackie Gielczyk, General Member

 Photos courtesy of Sarah Magee Anderson Photography